Founded by Fumiko Kato out of the love for Japan and passion for the tourism industry, “The Ryokan Tokyo” is a new type of traditional Japanese accommodation that allows staying guests experience “The Japan” the most authentic way. As an accommodation that highly focuses on entertainment, we make sure all our guests come with high expectations for Japan, and leave with big smiles on their faces.

Once you arrive at The Ryokan Tokyo, Japanese Torii, a big red lantern, and huge pictures of some of the hottest tourist attractions in Japan (e.g. Mount Fuji and Kyoto) greet you at the entrance and will accompany you throughout your entire stay with us. Besides the eye-catching decors, at “The Ryokan Tokyo” we offer various Japanese cultural activities such as tea ceremony, calligraphy, sake tasting, cosplay, and traditional arts performances so that our guests can have their own firsthand experiences with the country of the rising sun. Also, as we are based in one of the most popular hot spring areas in Japan, be sure to enjoy our soothing baths directly sourced from the famous hot springs of Yugawara.

While “The Ryokan Tokyo” maintains a traditional Japanese accommodation style, unlike most of our competitors, our charging system is nothing but flexible. No fixed meal plans or obligatory services are required. Our guests have the freedom to decide what they want, and only pay for what they ask for. We aim to be a ryokan that offers maximum flexibility at low cost for a comfortable stay, similar to the popular LCCs (Low Cost Carriers) in the airline industry.

We truly hope that through “The Ryokan Tokyo”, our guests could explore the beauty of Japan and embrace the charm of Japanese culture, and hopefully become a fan of Japan. With this goal in mind, we are positioning ourselves as the doorway of foreign visitors to Japan, bringing the best of Japan to all our friends from around the world.

Ready for some authentic Japanese experiences? Check out our website http://theryokan.jp and make your bookings today!

The Ryokan Tokyo Inc.
Contact: info@theryokan.jp
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