Courses offered by The SAMI Group implement the latest soft skills training to help you recognize and overcome any areas that may be holding you back and keeping you stuck at your current level of success. By incorporating social/emotional training and coaching into your daily life, you’ll start to live up to your potential and achieve more success personally and professionally.

The key to managing stress is figuring out how to deal with and handle situations in our lives to live a healthy, happy, prosperous life. The SAMI Group aligns individuals with heightened levels of communication, emotional intelligence, and anger management skills. As an alternative to or conjunction with traditional therapy, SAMI offers a whole new way of thinking about yourself and your world. While offering simple solutions to improved conflict resolution, change management, and performance improvement skills, our programs lead to hope, enlightenment and a new sense of personal power.

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is the silent factor that can make or break our personal and professional relationships. Heightened emotional intelligence enhances communication, productivity at work and balance in our own life. Our certified facilitators offer a variety of unique classes that are personally designed to strengthen your EQ level. We use innovative tools, such as the SAMI Pillow™ and workbook, to help you explore your emotional awareness and communication skills. We provide workshops, virtual group classes and individual coaching for anybody ready to commit to healthier relationships.

Since 1999, The SAMI Group has customized performance improvement plans and employee training programs for organizations. These programs benefit small and large companies alike, by improving productivity, reducing conflict and focusing on wellness; which decreases sick days off and increases employee retention.