The Science of Genius is a travel bag brand born out of the inspiration for the wanderlust creatives who love to travel and seek the arts. Scientific studies have shown that creative minds share similar traits: love in the arts, persistence against skepticism and rejection, and a constant flow of imagination. T.S.O.G.'s mission is to bolster creative individuals who exemplify these qualities. We encourage you to constantly and tirelessly explore your creative genius.

We use 100% genuine leather and a variety of methods to produce the final finish, ranging from vegetable tanning to customizing original colors, resulting in unique shades and tones. All of our zippers are made by YKK, notably the most trusted zipper manufacturer based in Japan. Other materials we use include waterproof canvas, cotton, and polyester.

Our products are named after creative works by geniuses we personally admire, architectural structures we’ve visited around the world, and works of art from the likes of Basquiat and Retna.