The Sisterhood is a monthly newsmag that celebrates sisterhood, beginning with each woman's S.O.S. - her Sisterhood of Self - because sisterhood COLLECTIVELY is defined by sisterhood INDIVIDUALLY.  

Based on the 7 Principles of the S.O.S., each issue features women who are living according to the principles, learning to live according to the principles or interested in discovering the principles. On the pages of The Sisterhood, readers will meet women who are embracing their authenticity, navigating fear and living the life they were born to live. Women who are shutting off the external noise about who they SHOULD be; and instead listening to their inner truth and becoming who they REALLY are.

The Sisterhood helps women take the most important sisterhood journey - the journey inward to their authentic self and provides motivation, guidance and support as they step outside of their "comfort zones" to live out loud!