The Slough Hub's mission is to enhance the mental, physical, and economic well-being of Slough residents. We have four programmes with significant community engagement designed to help people live healthier and happier life.

BOOST promotes physical and mental health by engaging people in group activities or volunteering.

EXPRESSIONS encourage art and cultural engagement, allowing people to express themselves and learn new skills.

DRIVE is our employability and skills development programme, supporting people seeking meaningful work. It aims to help people overcome the barrier and realise their full potential.

IGNITE focuses on Economic development of the area and includes helping people to start small businesses and create an environment where businesses and people can thrive.

We aim to create a more prosperous, skilled, and resilient community. We believe that by offering a range of programmes that support people's physical, emotional, and professional development, we can make Slough happier and healthier, creating a more vibrant and successful Slough.