Unlike other business plan writing companies, we don’t simply document your business ideas.   Instead, we question, challenge & research your ideas & assumptions.  As a result, you will be fully prepared to implement your business idea.  

Our services don’t end with writing your business plan.  Our mission and commitment is to develop long-term business relationship with our clients.  The WealthBudget business management solutions guide our clients through the entire business life-cycle – from the idea to launching the business to successful market exit.

We provide more than just business planning services.  We deliver strategic thinking and diligent research.

Our mission is to be valued by our clients as an external extension of their businesses.

Why entrepreneurs choose WealthBudget for their business and strategic planning services?  Because they appreciate the superior quality and affordable service fees.  Our professionals have Master degrees in Business Administration and years of business management experience.  

B) SmallBiz CFO Services

•     Analyze the monthly, quarterly and annual financial statements- P&L, balance sheet, cash flow.
•     Track fixed/variable costs.
•     Calculate break-even point
•     Overhead review and recommendations for cost reduction.
•     Monitor compliance with legislative and corporate governing requirements.
•     Provide liaison with bankers and tax advisors.
•     Participate at client’s management meetings.
•     Analyze profit margins per product & service
•     Documentation for obtaining funds
•     Forecast revenue
•     Determine pricing
•     Assess organization risk management


•     Reach your target market
•     Attract more new customers
•     Sell more to existing customers
•     Bring back your customers more often

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that marketing just means advertising, PR or promotion!
Marketing and a strategic marketing plan is so much more than that, and includes everything from understanding the market to which you’ll sell your products and services, to choosing specific tactics you’ll use to reach that market.

The WealthBudget strategic marketing plan is a comprehensive report that covers:
•     Situation analysis – an assessment of your market, your competitors, and the opportunities and challenges for your business
•     Marketing strategy – your specific business revenue goals, as well as a strategy for tackling the market opportunities identified in the situation analysis
•     Marketing tactics – your action plan for executing on the strategy outlined in the previous section
•     Marketing budget and timeline – the projected costs and timeline related to your marketing tactics

Give your business the ADVANTAGE of using the 21st Century Marketing Strategies that GET RESULTS with LESS EFFORT and LESS CASH out of your pocket!

•     Relationship-building marketing
•     Educational-based marketing
•     Systemized marketing
•     Multi-step marketing
•     Leads-generation tactics


Whether you’re looking for new product trends, competitive analysis of a new or existing market, or you need a feasibility study of your target market, WealthBudget has the expertise to make sure you get the right information.

Our market reports are based on multiple government and private sources such as IRS, Economic Census reports, Bureau of Labor Statistics data, state revenue departments, business databases, credit reporting agencies & directories.


Roadmap to Being in control of Your Business

a) Strategic Business Review
•     Analyze company’s financial and operational business practices.
•     Review, identify and access opportunities for improvements.
•     Develop strategies to help streamline the processes and create more efficient operations.
•     Provide strategic business advisory for surviving in economic downturn.

b)  Business Intelligence Solutions
•     Design and implement Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), dashboards and scorecards.
•     Develop tracking systems for customer satisfaction assessments.
•     Integrate operational and financial data into a single performance evaluation module.

c)  Customers Management
•     Customer segmentation
•     Customer profitability analysis
•     Customer satisfaction tracking system