The Small Cap Investor LLC (TSCI) is financial media company that provides a leading platform for the dissemination of equity research, multimedia, news, opinion and commentary as it relates to the small cap markets.  Our flagship website, www.thesmallcapinvestor.com is a distribution service designed to act as a single, consolidated, meeting location for small cap equity research and the investors who seek that research.

Our objective from our inception has been focused on two basic principles:

*  Investors need a place where they can get professional equity research and commentary on companies that are important to them.

*  Analysts and writers need a distribution point for their research and articles that is readily accessible to investors.

Research -  

Many research firms provide their equity research only to institutional clients, a model that significantly limits the amount of research available to the individual investor.  The model even affects professional investors if their firm does not have a subscriber agreement with the research firm.  Our goal is to allow research firms an efficient method to access the millions of individual and professional investors that seek to gather information as a primary component of performing their due diligence.

We believe that by offering this type of platform, we can serve both the investor and the research firms in an efficient manner for both parties.  Our platform is available to anyone.  It doesn’t matter if you are looking at stocks for the very first time or you run a billion dollar hedge fund.  The concept is the same: good research and the ability to obtain that research is a critical component to making good investment decisions.  We want all investors to have accessibility to the institutional quality research that the investment banks and their clients have.

If a firm is being compensated by an Issuer to provide analyst coverage, often this research is made available to investors at no charge.  The analyst receives compensation and the investor receives research.  However, why would a research firm make its research available without fair compensation?  It wouldn’t and our platform addresses this disconnect.  The TSCI platform allows for proprietary research analysts to be compensated for their work.  Our platform provides the research firms an efficient manner to distribute their reports and commentary to individuals while still being appropriately compensated for their work.  It is really that simple.

Commentary -

In addition to research, we also support the dissemination of relevant and unique investment commentary, opinions and ideas from both industry professionals and individual TSCI subscribers. (For detailed information click the “Contributors” link.)

Through our TSCI Street Pulse section, our editorial staff reviews hundreds of articles from leading industry professionals, including: money managers, financial advisors, attorneys, academics, newsletter writers, investment bankers and more.  TSCI offers the platform to allow these professionals an opportunity to voice their opinions in a marketplace full of investors who are seeking quality information.  

Via the TSCI Subscribers’ Voice section, our subscribers have an opportunity to make their opinions known.  Our editorial staff reviews our subscribers’ submissions and selects commentary from the best of the best.  While every submission is certainly not a candidate to end up on our front page, we encourage our subscribers to let their voices be heard because every day we see some really excellent commentary that proves itself worth of “front page material”.

The Small Cap Investor differentiates itself from other financial media through its sharp focus on ... the small cap investor.  Bringing institutional quality research to the individual investor is our primary goal.  We encourage opinion, spirited debate and even a good sparring match from time to time. In the end, it is the investor that benefits through the dissemination of thoroughly vetted information.

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