TheSocialMedwork is the world's first legal 'Patient Buyers Club', an online platform where patients and doctors can source a much-needed treatment and have it delivered to their home country. A treating doctor's prescription is required for every request. Shipping of the medication can be in as little as 8 days. TheSocialMedwork strives to make vital breakthrough medicines available in as little as two weeks after they are approved – by any major country.  Still a young enterprise, founded in 2014, TheSocialMedwork has shipped over 1,500  medicines to 50 countries in 6 continents this year alone, and currently lists 52 novel medications, adding more every month. The platform was founded when Sjaak Vink and London-born Jamie Heywood — founder and president of the largest online patient community in the world PatientsLikeMe — both lost friends and family members to cancer and ALS and felt that this was due to a nonsensical reason: the accessibility of medicines, which can be solved. They were joined by Bernard Muller, an acclaimed Dutch entrepreneur who had been recently diagnosed with ALS. The new platform quickly gained global attention, with the first active investor and supporter being acclaimed tech-innovator and Silicon Valley legend Esther Dyson.