The Sullivan Sees with Mick Cooper as the driving force have been releasing music since 2017: The Model originally recorded by Kraftwerk, Mad World originally recorded by Tears for Fears, True Faith originally recorded by New Order, and A Night Like This originally recorded by The Cure. In October 2018 The Sullivan Sees released the first track written by Mick Cooper - Thank You For Your Kindness. Following on from that success of the on 26th April 2019 The Sullivan Sees released Kind of Cool a song with a Jazz vibe that was inspired by the children's book Cool! by Michael Morpurgo. The book is about a boy in a coma and his thoughts as he is lying in hospital. Having read the book Mick Cooper found it so emotive that whenever he tried to tell anyone about the book, he couldn't because it moved him close to tears. The song is written in such a way that it can be interpreted as a misunderstanding in a relationship that has lead to time apart and then a happy reconciliation.