We center our work on the intersectional needs & strengths of marginalized communities and focus on themes of ethical collaboration, effective communication, and resiliency & wellness. We build capacity for positive and impactful change from the ground up, and from the inside out.


Building organizations committed to positive social change means committing to respectfully collaborate with the communities we serve.

We hear people talking about it more and more “Let’s collaborate!” But the tough truth is, collaboration doesn’t come naturally. All of us have been acculturated to the habits of competition and we are products of the competetive reality we exist in. We know cooperation and collaboration are how we can work best together but we still fall into the traps of the competitive mindset. Even while we attempt to create intentionally diverse organizations, we can’t figure out how to grow through conflict. We get defensive when called out. We ignore the emotional toll of the constant onslaught of seeing communities in pain. Then we squander our precious time with one another with unproductive meetings and superficial conversations at best, intractable conflict and the perpetuation of oppression at worst. All of these are solvable problems.