About The Sword Guy:  John D. McGraugh, Shihan, has studied Japanese martial arts and culture his entire life. After over a decade learning and practicing various martial arts including Jujitsu, Judo, Karate, and others Shihan McGraugh moved to Osaka, Japan and continued his study of the Japanese sword, martial arts, language and culture there. An educator by profession, Shihan McGraugh returned to the U.S. and taught in public schools in the Tucson area while at the same time founding the Ryuseikan of Tucson sword institute and teaching various martial arts for students of all ages and abilities. Shihan John McGraugh currently lives in Tucson, AZ and continues to teach martial arts on a full-time basis at his dojo The Kodenkan Martial Arts Academy.

About The Dojo:  The Ryuseikan of Tucson, founded by Shihan John McGraugh, is a branch of the world renowned International Batto-Do Japanese Sword Training Association. This sword school is housed within Shihan McGraugh’s dojo The Kodenkan Martial Arts Academy located in Tucson, AZ. Here students come to learn the Japanese sword, self-defense, mixed martial arts and more. A new, larger facility is planned to open within the next year that will be able to bring the Japanese martial arts and culture to many more satisfied students.