Expertise of The Tableau Inc. is to capture market dynamics and identify your customers’ emerging needs! We track your competition and provide a barometer for your state of business! We assist with expansion to the new markets, brand acquisition and extension, surveying customer satisfaction and quantifying operational readiness for Service Level Agreements.

The Tableau Inc. is Your One-Stop Shop for Data Market Solutions. It is the premier provider of business turnaround solutions and strategic consulting services for all your business needs. We offer you both a quick snapshot into your market conditions and a full-blown comprehensive analysis of your customer perspectives, your competitive forces and your untapped business opportunities. You may use this data to propel your business and you can combine it with our strategic consulting for full business turnaround.

The Tableau service portfolio provides you with both historical trends and market forecasts. We analyze the existing brands usage data and evaluate opportunities for channel expansion and brand re-positioning. We offer customer loyalty information. We work with your in-house teams to implement the facility-based tracking or readily take the whole process to our own facility. We provide consultative services on business turnaround and business process improvements that can improve your customer service satisfaction by up to 400%. We can also work with you on your brand recognition through business case studies, focus groups and tactful use of syndicated data!