The Treer Group
Executive Coaching & Management Consulting

Janet Treer created The Treer Group in 2007 to help companies, organizations and individuals achieve greater success through improved management, enhanced collaboration and better utilization of resources. Drawing on her decades of business success, Janet utilizes a results-oriented, highly-effective approach that creates real, sustainable change from within an organization. Through her guidance and facilitation, stakeholders recognize areas in need of improvement, discover solutions that are practical for them and implement long-lasting change that becomes part of the organizational culture. Better analysis, better buy-in, better results.

At The Treer Group, everything we do is focused on helping you attain maximum success through strategic, cultural and structural change within your organization. We offer a suite of business consulting, executive coaching and customer retention services that get tangible, sustainable results for companies and individuals. Working together, we will custom design the optimal program for achieving your specific goals.


Instead of traditional training, we utilize The Treer Group Method to help identify, implement and nurture the right change – from the inside of your organization out. Our approach is deeper, richer and multi-dimensional, to deliver measurable improvement in four impact areas:

Financial Performance
Management Effectiveness
Customer Satisfaction & Retention
Organizational & Individual Growth

Why is The Treer Group Method so effective? Here are the five key success factors that make it work, and help your company change for good:

Assessment – eliminating the guesswork greatly increases the probability and degree of success you will have in improving your organization’s performance. We offer an array of powerful testing tools that assess your company, teams and individuals. The information and insights they provide identify key issues and start us off on the right path.

Discovery – no one knows more about your organization than you and your people. That is why we act as facilitators and coaches to help you discover your needs and opportunities. With guidance and shaping, these evolve into focused, workable solutions, owned by everyone.

Implementation – implementing solutions is not one-dimensional at The Treer Group. That’s because research has proven that people learn and adapt far better through spaced repetition of ideas than through a single event. Most of our solutions are implemented over several weeks, with regular working sessions and reinforcing exercises and materials.

Team Involvement – whenever possible, we establish interactive team involvement and exercises that facilitate acceptance, operationalize change and build buy-in.

Reinforcement – change is most sustainable when it is reinforced over a significant period of time. We schedule periodic follow-up sessions and activities for a year or more to ensure that your organization does not drift back or away from the planned direction.

To discuss your specific needs and goals, give Janet Treer a call at 717-653-6118 or email janet@thetreergroup.com.