The goal of The Truth 365 is to educate and mobilize millions of people through Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other social networking sites. The film will inform the public that there is a critical need for funding for pediatric cancer research and that they, the NCI and our elected leaders are in a position to help.
While increased awareness of childhood cancer is one of our primary goals, we also will give our audience an action plan that will benefit all children with cancer. The film will direct viewers to our interactive website where they discover ways to help.
Our team of several thousand volunteers will seek support for our cause from 100% of candidates running for national office and will ask them to sign a pledge in support of more childhood cancer research funding. The Truth 365 builds on the Caroline Pryce Walker Conquer Childhood Cancer Act that was passed by Congress four years ago. Unfortunately, the percentage of funds dedicated to childhood cancer research has not increased during this time span. We believe we can get our elected representatives to follow through with the NCI so that real funding changes will happen. Even a 1% increase represents $50,000,000 in additional funding for children with cancer.