The Wizards Corner

Friday, June 6, 2008
The Wizards Corner


I have been getting alot of good feedback from you guys about my website. Alot of you are asking me how come I am giving away my information for free. The answers is simple. I remember chasing a dream, wanting to play professional baseball. It was always on my mind. I worked hard and always tried to find new ways to increase my level of play. One day I was on the web and looking up different drills to improve my skills. I found many sites wanted you to pay for the information. I knew I wasn't going to pay but I thought how many people pay for this when it is just common baseball knowledge. So I decided to build my own site. A place where you can work on your hitting, fielding, and throwing. I have running and lifting programs. I break down everything on my site. If people have questions I will gladly help them understand my methods. I will be running this blog and my website. Here on my blog i will give daily postings. If you need help with your baseball skills I advise that you check out my site. http://ebbaseballwizard.googlepages.com/ There you can find help with all of your game. Good Luck to all of you!

The Wizard