The Yoga Geeks would like to welcome you to the only company dedicated exclusively to meeting the yoga community's need for web design and internet marketing.
    Our purpose is to facilitate the yoga teacher's and studio’s ideas to come alive visually on the web, then sharing them with the global, conscious community in a business style that is graceful, down-to-earth, warm, and friendly.
    We empathize with our clients, and endeavor to understand their unique needs as a heart and spiritually-centered business, since we are also yoga teachers and conscious information technology professionals.  
    When yoga teachers are feeling a tad bit lost, we are also here to help them clarify their purpose and broadcast it to the world on the web!
    Please consider the Yoga Geek Squad your new gang of friends, here to assist and educate yoga teachers and studios in building and sustaining a solid web presence that is both organic and sustainable-a business in harmony with their personal philosophy and values.

Profitable, Affordable & Professional Web Design, Logos, Video & Blogs for Yoga Teachers. Since 1999 our team of more than 40 consultants certified in Microsoft technologies, Yoga, Medicine and Business have been here to help you grow and prosper. We understand that you have lots of questions about the business & internet side of yoga teaching, and translating these answers into yoga web designs, yoga logos, yoga video, & yoga administrative short-cuts that earn you $1,000 more each week in 3-6 months, while working fewer hours is our business! From designing a website, to knowing what to say, how to say it, sharing & marketing your yoga classes & studio, as well as selecting the administrative & financial management system that will make your life easier, not more difficult, we have the expertise to guide you safely across the waters of yoga business & web technology confusion to the secure shores of certainty. Founded in 1999 as a sole-proprietorship by Tara Devi, Yoga Geek Squad is now a multi-national team of yoga professionals headquartered in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Our team of enthusiastic, expert business consultants, technology consultants, designers, composers, musicians, studio engineers and administrators is more than 40 strong, and growing, with clients and staff on 3 continents-while still being totally local, understanding of your key concerns, and available when you need us the most!

Our highly-trained, caring staff want to help you to achieve your personal and Yoga Business goals. To accomplish this, we need to thoroughly understand your yoga studio business operations. We offer all new clients a FREE, live yoga business consultation to clarify needs and be sure that we make a great fit working together. We diagnose your key concerns through a series of in-depth questions about your yoga teaching practices, business, and web presence before meeting, so we can have the most effective meeting possible. We can offer guidance in operations and business strategies that integrate with the web solutions, internet marketing, multi-media and designs solutions that we recommend. We are ever ready to help you progress, stay on the cutting edge of yoga teaching and business, and combine local and web-based marketing strategies that really work!