The Canadian Cloud Council is the voice of technology driven socio-economic development in Canada.

Since the inception of the council in 2011, the cloud has evolved from being a disruptive technological solution to the catalyst of the sharing economies that will define the 21st Century. Cloud computing has rapidly emerged as the foundation for technological innovations that can drive a more connected, open, accessible, equal and sustainable society. But, like every resource in every previous wave of innovation, the technologies, economics and societies built on the cloud also risk becoming the exclusive preserve of a select few; shifting control from one generation of oligarchs to another, and keeping the vast majority of humanity consigned to their role as passive consumers; with no control over their destinies and no agency over their future.

Our emerging generation is hungering for a clear and common sense of purpose, but can we offer them one? Can the digital economy be rebooted to serve not just the top 1% of the top 1% but to serve the future of humanity? Can we finally reconcile growth with equality, profits with people, economics with environment? Can innovation finally serve the greater good?

These are the questions that the Canadian Cloud Council seeks to answer as we strive to push elected officials, corporations, entrepreneurs and civic society into a more meaningful engagement aimed at breaking down the barriers of incumbency and committing to a more free and equal society; a society built on the endless possibilities of technology driven innovation.