More than 30 million Americans suffer from debilitating migraines, inhibiting their ability to live productive. There are numerous causes and triggers of migraines but one of the most common catalysts is nighttime clenching and grinding of teeth. Although you may be unaware of it, everyone clenches their teeth with varying degrees of severity at night. The majority of migraineurs have turned to phamacological prevention methods with varied results. Unfortunately, these medications are often accompanied by harmful side effects
  The NTI-tss Plus is FDA approved for the prevention of migraines, tension-type headaches, and TMJ dysfunction. It is a small dental bite guard, worn at night, that fits over the four front teeth. The device can be fitted to either your upper or lower teeth. It's patented design, ensures separation of your canine and back teeth, significantly diminishing the intensity of your nocturnal teeth clenching. In a clinical trial, reviewed by the FDA, 82% of NTI-tss users experienced a 77% reduction in migraine events, all with no pharmacological side effects.
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