The McCormick Group is a national executive search consulting firm. Since 1974, we have delivered highly-qualified candidates to fill key positions at a broad range of companies and organizations. As the largest independent executive search firm in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area.  We respond to our clients’ needs for strategic hires from mid-management to the executive suite across all functional disciplines. Clients rely on us as partners to fill their critical needs for talent at all levels. As a result, over 70% of our engagements come from prior and continuing clients.

Business Solutions through Executive Search
The McCormick Group understands that having the right people in place is critical to success. Heightened competition, pressure to respond quickly to market opportunities, and an increasingly greater shortage of talent make finding top people even more difficult. We work closely with our clients to develop customized strategies that provide solutions for recruiting and retaining those people. With over 7,000 successful placements, The McCormick Group has demonstrated the ability to bring a company the right person for the position.

Broad Experience, In-Depth Expertise
The McCormick Group conducts searches and provides related consulting services for clients throughout the United States and internationally. Our experience includes engagements across a diverse range of industries and all functional disciplines. With headquarters in the Washington, DC, area, we have developed superior knowledge of the industries that are impacted by the federal government. In addition, our extensive involvement with the business and civic networks where we work and live gives us significant insight into the economies of the regions where our offices are located. This unique combination of expertise positions us as a top recruiter of talented professionals both locally and across the country.

Finding the Right Person
Our methodology is at the heart of The McCormick Group’s ability to produce results. We use a sourcing process that allows us to identify and recruit the most qualified and accomplished candidates. We conduct an exhaustive search – literally scour the market – for each engagement, rather than depend on advertising, the Internet, or matching requirements to resumes already on file. Our comprehensive approach goes beyond simply identifying prospects. It includes recruiting top candidates, evaluating their qualifications, selling them on the opportunity, and negotiating on behalf of our clients. More than simply filling the position, our methodology places the emphasis on finding the right person for the job and the organization.