The Herron Brothers – Why oh why oh bio
Paul and Steven Herron have actually “played” together for nearly 40 years, from sharing a bathtub
in the really early days, to sharing a flat and a recorded back catalogue of over 100 harmony laden
pop songs, it’s been quite a trip so far…..
Sporadic school performances were brought to an end by the lure of universities in different cities,
with the two forming and fronting their own bands in Newcastle and Derby.
It was only a matter of time though before the two were drawn back together in Derby’s “The
Sons” in the first decade of the 2000’s.
The Sons produced three studio albums, released on the continent by Hamburg’s PopUp records,
fulfilling along the way a few Beatles inspired childhood dreams of playing in the Reeperbahn and
other iconic locations.
After many tours around Europe, and a jaunt to Los Angeles, the band broke up, but whilst the
other members succumbed to the normalness of wife/kids/houses, the brothers knew they had to
carry on, because it was all they wanted, had ever wanted, to do….
In 2014, after years of trying to “break through”, they started again, as The Herron Brothers.
The influences are many and varied, from Paul Simon to Dire Straits, from The Everly Brothers to
The Strokes, from The Beatles to REM. One thing all these have in common is also The HBs main
reason for existing; to bring classic, harmonious pop songs back to the forefront of the minds and
hearts of the public.
This year has seen Paul and Steven self release their first album as a duo, twenty years after they
first committed studio music to tape (as it was still back then).
“The Last Ones Left” wasn’t just an album title, it’s a description of where they find themselves, in
relation to their contemporaries who have come and gone, their friends who have married and
settled, and the style of music they love and produce.
There is a certain magic to brothers writing, recording and singing together, and one has to respect
the resolve, and, as they describe it, the “desperation” that it takes, to keep pushing, regardless of
current trends, regardless of all around them changing, regardless of looking at their bank
statements year upon year and wondering how they’ll pay the rent.
“It’s simple, we don’t know what else to do, and life without writing and singing these songs
sounds a bit shit to be honest” is their honest appraisal, “and we keep getting better and better”
they humbly state.
“We can write, we can sing, we can engineer and mix, we can direct and film videos, we can lead
bands, we can make people laugh/cry as just a duo for a whole night with only two acoustic
guitars, so why would we stop?”
If The Herron Brothers beast is set loose upon the world, pop music as it stands could well receive
a much needed wake up call, courtesy of a refreshing, honest, witty, no bullshit approach to an
industry and media who haven’t seen anything interesting to talk about in indie pop music, since
some other brothers did the same thing over twenty years ago...