in 2014 my mother was suffering with hair loss from Chemotherapy and her High Blood Pressure medicine. She went to her doctor and he told her that her was not going to grow back. She tried so many products but nothing worked. She was devastated and felt hopeless. My daughter, Kristie (Co-Founder of KT Beauty Boom) did some research and bought some essential and carrier oils and made my mother a hair oil to help regrow her hair. Long story short, after 30 days my mother's hair was growing and we knew we were on to something big. We decided to make more hair oils and share it with other family and friends who was experiencing hair loss. And the oil worked for them as well. Now it was time to share it with the rest of the world.
In the US alone there are 320 million people suffering with hair loss for various reasons such as: Hereditary, Hormonal, Medical, Products, and Wig/Weave/Braid damage. Furthermore, our clients come from all walks of life age 2 to 92 and some of them are experiencing some horrific hair loss from Chemotherapy treatments, Lupus, Thyroid Issues, Wig damage, and Genetics.  

At KT Beauty Boom, we use plants, oils, and herbs, that penetrate to the deepest level of the hair shaft-the medulla to help you grow your hair back and feed your scalp. We focus on the holistic approach to hair loss by using natural ingredients to help you regrow the healthiest head of hair and a healthy scalp. We have a full product to help improve the condition of your scalp, promote hair growth, and correct damaged skin, using only natural ingredients. Our number #1 selling product is our XXL Hair Oil it is formulated with 40 oils and is backed with a 60 money back guarantee, no questions asked.
We only have one mission at KT Beauty Boom "that's to restore hair to lost heads and we want you to be next"