The Heart of the Pearl - How to Completely Heal from "Sexual" Abuse is a book that calls for the desexualization of abuse and provides readers with a step by step clear program to heal completely from being abused. As well, supporters of abuse victims are shown how to care for their loved ones and how to care for themselves.

The goals of the book are to put an end to the language implying that abuse and assault are in any way sexual as well as showing people how they can completely recover from having been violated. People who have been abused will know that they are completely recovered when they no longer carry the shame that belongs to the abuser and when they can love and be loved to their full potential.

Theo Selles, M.Sc. is the author of The Heart of the Pearl. He is a Registered Family Therapist of 20 years.

The Heart of the Pearl has a website: www.theheartofthepearl.ca