THERAPY ON DEMAND recruits independent contract therapist for their customer base in Long Term Care, Acute Care, Out Patient Rehab and Home Health Care settings.   "Most therapy placement organizations focus on '13 week' assignments with 'hired' therapists.  We fill Part time, full time and PRN positions with Independent Contractors and we have particular success in filling those positions in rural, hard-to-place areas where other placement organizations tend to shy away.  The bottom line is that patients are treated by caring, compassionate, experienced therapists, our customers are happy, and our therapists remain independent” said Bill Spears, the company CEO and founder.    
Therapy On Demand also plans on launching In Home Therapy services to patients on Medicare Part B.  "These patients do not qualify for traditional Home Health Services under Medicare Part A guidelines because they do not meet the requirements of a new diagnosis and they are not considered 'Home Bound'.  However, many of these patients still have difficulty in being able to travel to Out Patient Therapy Clinics to receive Physical, Occupational or Speech Therapy services prescribed by their physician.   Medicare Part B guidelines would allow for In Home Therapy for these patients.  By focusing on the patients' needs we can identify ways to ensure the patients receive the care that they need and deserve to receive in the comfort of their own homes” said Bill Spears.
Therapy On Demand is a subsidiary of S & B Health Services based in The Woodlands Texas.  Anyone interested in Therapy On Demand and its services can visit their website at www.therapyondemand.net