I started The Swim Academy in February 2016 with the idea of keeping things small and private. I had been teaching for 7 years previously, working with a variety of people. I decided to start my own school, my first pool is a 10m hydrotherapy pool located within a private care home. This quickly expanded and I was lucky enough to find a second pool within a private residence, and teachers to cover the ever expanding lessons. In the last 18months we have helped lots of people with special needs enjoy the water, grown in confidence and learn how to swim. We have helped people overcome phobias of the water and taugh many anxious adult beginners. We work with people with a range of needs, autism, dyspraxia, ADHD, Down syndrome and aspergers, nervous individuals and those with extreme phobias, as well as beginners and swimmers looking to improve their stroke. I have no more than 4 children in my group lessons, whereas other schools including private ones have six plus per group. I provide a service unique to the area, I have found a gap in the market. Each pool only holds one lesson at a time providing much needed privacy, whether to stop embarrassment for adult beginners, provide less distraction and a calmer environment for those with special needs and phobias or as an indulgence just because.