ThinTech offers NutriMost, a doctor supervised, all-natural, fully-customized scientific approach to fat burning, weight loss and improved health.

Our natural weight loss program is unique as it focuses on the inbalances specific to YOU that are causing YOUR weight gain.   Whether you want to lose 20 lbs or 200 lbs, we can help.

Our Exclusive Safe & Effective Natural Weight Loss! Fat Virtually Melts Away

NO Exercise Required (although we do recommend it for overall health)
NO Strenuous Dieting
NO Radical Changes in Your Lifestyle
Simple and Easy-to-Follow!!
Improve Your Health and Your Looks
This program actually TARGETS the difficult to lose fat such as the hips, buttocks, gut and “love handles”
Your face, complexion and body structure will all look better
Increase your vitality
Vital health markers improve — (cholesterol, glucose, blood pressure etc.)
Program is PERSONALIZED for your individual needs with the Advanced Zyto Elite CERF GSR Technology

Our system is unlike any other weight loss out there because it focuses on the cause of YOUR weight gain.

Once we determine we can accept you for NutriMost, the Ultimate Fat Loss System, we will schedule you for your testing. The testing is done in our office (or can be done remotely)and is completely non-invasive. With our CERF technology, we can determine exactly what biological imbalances are creating your weight issues. We will get a detailed, specific report from your testing and from there your supplements are individually created.

The nutrients we use are the most consistent level of premier quality nutrition on the market. The company uses High Performance Crystal Spectroscopy (HPCS - High Performance Crystal Spectroscopy - operates in the NIR (Near Infrared Range) and combines state-of-the-art digital electronics and optics with computer analysis software) to scan all raw materials to ensure potency, purity, and correct plant species.

All materials, including an easy-to-follow manual that enables you to get the most amazing and permanent fat loss of your life, are provided for you. The doctor will personally supervise your progression with periodic computerized body composition testing.

The low calorie, nutrient dense, easy to follow, meal plan and the specific supplements for your body type are what balance your hormones. Once your hormones begin to balance your cells can dump toxins (autophagy) and you begin to burn abnormal fat in those trouble areas.