Think Happy Dots is a professional floral design and wedding planning business founded by Megan Ravanpak – her core values act as a foundation, and are one of the main components contributing to the company’s success. You will never go to far along your day alongside Ms. Ravanpak without hearing “We should do a good deed today, let’s make someone happy.” Though we all have had our own setbacks and downfalls in life, THD as a company reminds us to stride for happiness and be kind / compassionate to people, without ulterior motives, to help improve the world that surrounds us.
With Megan’s Bachelors Degree in Marketing, as well as heavy Marketing/PR firm experience, you are not receiving your average cookie cutter service – yes, the bride & groom may be hiring THD to plan or design their wedding, but infact end up receiving services at an advanced Project Management level; a skill you will not find often in the industry.
Think Happy Dots represents all the good things in life, especially your happiest moments and the moments leading up to it. Life is short, so Lets inspire more smiles, and be good humans.