Products made incorporating MagniMoist include: Wire flower basket liners, planter inserts, pallet planters, micro green growing supplies and seeds, seed starting kits, germination pads, g-Bloom all natural planters and landscape fabric for hydrating soil. MagniMoist is also a sponsor of the planterpickers.com phot contest.

How It Works MagniMoist doesn’t let water escape from your basket until your plant is completely hydrated. When you water, MagniMoist’s smart fiber deflects water back into the dry soil above it. Then when the soil is fully saturated, the fiber becomes porous and releases only the excess water. You’ll also save more fertilizer because MagniMoist reduces runoff and enhances plant uptake - See more at: http://www.thinkmint.net/liners.html#sthash.uhYU0D62.dpuf