Think inStrategy was born out of a keen desire to empower leaders, elevate their teams and produce sustainable, scalable businesses. In 2012 we created programs to support entrepreneurs in growing their companies from a startup mentality to being a market leader. Since then, inStrategy has expanded its services to include an inOvation group, an inProgress group, an inCommand group and several Performance Leadership Groups.

At inStrategy, we believe in the possibilities of change, growth and extraordinary results for our clients and their companies. We know that aligning your spirit, love, passion, and faith will allow your fondest dream to become reality. In other words, our passion is about empowering you, the leader and elevating your company.

We have directly impacted over 100 leaders and indirectly touched the lives of over 700 employees. For us it has never been about how much revenue we make. It has always been about the lives we impact. The difference we can make in helping others fulfill on their dreams.