Third Planet Energy Solutions provides their clients with products and solutions that not only deliver on your bottom line, but engage your entire organization into making the world a little bit better.

Meter - You cannot fix what you cannot see - Third Planet has a range of Smart Meter products to enable data collection of energy consumption

Monitor - Our range of monitoring solutions enable M&T (Monitoring and Targeting) for all types and sizes of organizations.

Manage - Leveraging our Energy Analyst, Third Planet offers regular recommendations to empower your organization to eliminate energy consumption.  Third Planet also offers a range of consulting services to assist you with implementing the solutions you choose.

Motivate - Studies have shown that employees who are engaged in conservation, recycling and carbon offsetting behaviors outside the office are more likely to engage in the workplace and yield improved cost benefits.

Third Planet Energy Solutions offers our clients a comprehensive energy management portfolio to help you implement the 3Ps in your organization - Planet, People & Profit.