Thong In Private Residence project is offering you an opportunity to own our holiday homes surrounding Thailand nature to rejuvenate body and soul back from social routine tiredness at ten times cheaper price comparing with other holiday homes in other popular tourist traps. The more popular tourist destinations and holiday homes in Thailand mostly are in Bangkok, Pattaya, Hua-Hin (the central region), Chiangmai (the north region), and Phuket (the south region) are now more overly commercialized than touristy way. Thong In is a one-of-a-kind experience highlighted by superb accommodations and unparalleled amenities that showcase the best offerings that Ms. Nathawi Nueangchaiyot is one of Thai businesswomen who sees the short-distance future of her family and her wholly owned inherited land, Nam Phong district, Khon Kaen, and develops Thong In – The Perfect Private Residence collaborating with her partner, Mr. André Fuchs, a widely well known Swiss businessman in international famous movie stars and business circles both in Europe and the United States.
Thong In is located in 128,000 square meters natural landscape with a beautiful large lake to be filled with blooming water lilies and 11,600 square meters rice and sugar cane fields. The residence consists of 60 villas. Each villa has a unique combining Thai traditional and Asian influential styles designed by your own imagination co-operating with Thong In architects. Moreover, there is also a fabulous Thai style hotel with 12 luxurious rooms (60 sqm.), and exclusive suites (140 sqm.) with a private beautiful garden, pool and Jacuzzi. The regional and international cuisine is serving by Thong In exclusive restaurant on demand using product from Thong In natural non-toxic fruits, vegetables, and livestock farmland. To continue a happy longer-living life, Thong In has one-stop relaxing beauty & spa with high quality products and services, one fitness center arena (tennis court, football field, golf course, cycling and jogging terrain, and gymnasium), 24 hours medical care services by expert doctors, and Thailand cultural trip in Thong In peaceful temple. Moreover, Thong In private restaurant would set privately special moment for a loving couple with a great pleasing romantic dinner. Other services, cable TV, Internet access, limousine service, security service, pick up service, are all-together readily prepared upon request. Besides, the whole project is ecotourism and converts sun and water energy to generate electricity, running all the power energy system for conserving Thong In’s environment and surrounding neighbors. Not only conserving natural balance, our project would also create more jobs and we certainly have English and on-the-job training programs for our potential work forces.
The investment outlook of Khon Kaen is still roomy comparing with fully establishing manufacturing industries in the eastern Thailand. Khon Kaen gains advantage in logistic transportations by truck, airway, and railway and is only 445 kilometers from Bangkok and there are 4 to 5 daily flights to and from Bangkok, there is also the center linkage among Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam that the government endorsed it to be the export center for trading into Indo-China region. It is the center of northeastern Thai silk industry with numerous villages producing their own “Mudmee” designs. Khon Kaen is rich in natural and cultural sceneries; Phu Wiang National Park where is full of flora and fauna and beautiful water falls, and the foundation of dinosaurs archaeological site in Thailand, Ubolratana Dam, the beautiful view of the largest dam in the region, Phathat Kham Kaen where is the principal sacred temple to worship for the Lord Buddha’s relics, unusual exciting the cobra and the turtle village animal shows, Ban Nong Kung Soen where is the scenic large pond with the backdrop of Phu Phan Mountain for relaxing and playing water sports. Moreover, it is also a good starting point for excursion into Laos and boarder visiting to Cambodia.
BOI (Thailand Board Of Investment) also heavily supports both Thai and foreign investors doing software & IT manufacturing and tourism and TAT (Tourism Authority of Thailand) has planning tourist public relation campaign both internal and external country all year, for example, “Amazing Thailand”, “Visit Thailand Year 2009” and “Amazing I-San Fair”. Central Plaza is now under construction in Khon Kaen and would be scheduled for completion the fourth quarter of 2009. Sooner, Khon Kaen is going to be the heartland of this region with collaboration between Khon Kaen University, the largest university and the leader of new innovations in teaching and learning and research in the region, and Industrial Estate Authority in most kinds of business industries.