Threads of Faith has been serving the embroidery needs of the corporate and church industry since 1996.   As a family owned business, we have the highest standards when it comes to meeting our customers' needs. We have the resources, suppliers and knowledge to supply all your garment and embellishment needs. In addition, we also offer silk screening and ad-specialty items at competitive prices. We can assist you in creating a logo, or use one you already have, and turn it into an embroiderable design. We will work hard for you, and our promise is honest, dependable service that moves beyond common, ordinary service into extraordinary. We guarantee the highest quality product and workmanship. With thousands of stock designs and in-house digitizing, we can create, embellish, and deliver to you high quality gifts and garments from one piece to as many as you could need.  Each piece can be individually personalized for you, or that special someone you want to honor.  If you don't see what you want, contact us and see if we can't find it for you.

Curtis Calfee began his romance with embroidery in 1995 while working as a tour bus operator.  He entered a storefront retail embroidery shop to have shirts embroidered for the bus company.  As he watched this process take place, he became excited saying “I could do this”.  Doing follow-up and research over the next year, he and his wife, Janice, purchased their first embroidery machine, a single needle, single head workhorse.  Since starting Threads of Faith, LLC in February of 1996, a lot has changed in the industry and in their business.  Curtis developed his love for embroidery further as he began to learn the art of digitizing, and now does all of his digitizing in-house.  He also learned from some of the best digitizers by watching their work, purchasing some and watching it sew, attending classes, and watching videos. His greatest teacher was practice.  His passion is turning artwork into stitches and making it work right and beautifully.   He spent a good deal of time as a beta tester for one of the larger embroidery software providers, and became quite involved in the development of that software.  Now after having been in business for 14 years, with several upgrades in equipment and software, Curtis not only embroiders and digitizes for his customers, he offers those services to others,  He is a member of NNEP, and vice president of the North Jefferson Business League, a marketing group which promotes small to medium size businesses, and promote the business growth and development of the North Jefferson county area of Alabama.

Drawing from a background of administrative and computer-related experience, Janice Calfee brings a more practical viewpoint to the table and manages the production side of the business. She has a great love of computers and technology, and to be a part of the growth and change in the embroidery industry over the past 14 years has been very thrilling.  Her IT experience has been invaluable in setting up and keeping the network operational, and her troubleshooting skills are called on regularly in times of crisis.
One of her most valued skills to this company is accounts receivables and payables.  Without her expertise in this area, this company would be in trouble.  In addition, she is invaluable as a production person, with a commitment that is unparalleled anywhere.
Being a task-oriented person, it is very fulfilling to her to be a part of the process, from receipt of an order to delivery and beyond, and it’s still an amazing feeling when she sees a stranger and notices the logo on their shirt and realizes --  “I did that!”