ThreeMain was born to help protect our three main elements; earth, air and water. These are under attack by companies that are not doing everything they can to create products that are safe to breathe, safe to get on your skin and safe for our planet. ThreeMain is the first company in the household cleaning industry to ditch plastic bottles and go with recycled, long lasting aluminum refills with infinite recyclability.

ThreeMain designs and formulates their natural, organic products within their own walls to ensure the very best outcome for kids, pets and our planet. Relaizing many new company's by their products from 3rd party suppliers and call it their own, ThreeMain believes in full transparency on their products.  

There is an incredible amount of plastic pollution that exists already, but we believe the damage can be undone. That’s why we’ve partnered with Rozalia Project, donating 3% of all sales to protect and clean the ocean using technology, innovation, solutions-based research and engaging STEM programs.