Lisa Jones of Throckmorton Jones, founding designer, has more than 15 years of experience in corporate fashion, costume and textiles industries working with brands including Ralph Lauren,  Guess, Timberland, Athleta and Teatro Zinzanni, globally in Italy, France and Morocco.  

9yrs ago, Lisa Jones launched, Throckmorton Jones.  A  venture of divine and decadent details and a reverence for exemplary technical modalities. Currently obsessed with functional beauty her collections rock the hearts of aesthetic fanatics and functional adepts alike.

A solid balance of successful business strategy and design expertise combined with hands on experience, results in salty, savvy, innovative designs, solutions and products.

Jones’ goal is to build a successful, grass roots business that can be used as a model company for other grass roots companies. One that stimulates economy, offers flexibility in work schedule and educates through doing and learning skills that lead to a sustainable, thriving living with cottage industry and independent contractor partnerships.