Why do customers contact ThroughMedia?

ThroughMedia Builds Marketing Strategies and Initiates Business Growth
Customers contact ThroughMedia to build their online presence and create an effective marketing strategy that generates more sales.

Clients find ease in knowing that we never hustle. ThroughMedia builds, executes and analyses strategies. This allows us to compare results and continue to create effective and affordable marketing strategies.

ThroughMedia specialises in getting to know your business, how it functions and who it targets. This allows us to gain a clear insight into creating a successful marketing strategy. It’s only by undertaking extensive market research into your business; that we can truly understand it, and its marketing and branding needs.

Some of our clients already have an in-house digital marketing department and rely on ThroughMedia’s consulting services. By assessing the stage of business our client is currently in, ThroughMedia can offer valuable strategies that grow with your business.

On the other end of the scale, many clients require ThroughMedia to take on their branding and marketing campaigns. Clients trust that their business will be marketed effectively whilst ensuring budgets are kept.

ThroughMedia measures its success by the success of your business.

What problems were clients facing before they contacted ThroughMedia?
We are approached by clients who are paying high prices for agencies to develop social media marketing and online advertising campaigns. These clients have seen little or no result and lost faith in generic social media agencies.
Others have tried their own hand at Social Media marketing, again with no effectiveness.

What these clients did not realise is that our services are not defined by stagnant packages and contracts. We build your business brands and create marketing plans shift and change with each stage of business.

Our aim is to build a long-term relationship and walk beside you and your business as you reach your goals.

Relying on referrals can create costly lags in sales. ThroughMedia will conduct extensive marketing knowledge to understand your business. This ensures we can accurately market your business to its targeted audience using methods that not only work but are affordable.