In 2009, Sweettoof Studios was established and in 2015, we launched Ticings Sprinkles, offering quality cake sprinkles made with authentic dark chocolate and white chocolate blended with plant-based colors. They're the ultimate finishing touch for sweet lovers, bakers and everyone who cares about what they eat and serve.

All products are non-GMO and gluten free, made without bleached shellac sprays (confectioner’s glaze) with a shelf life of 12 months. A sprinkle of Ticings makes any delicacy more of a celebration--and you can feel good about sprinkling Ticings.

Our vibrant natural food colors are safely sourced, FDA approved and certified non-GMO. They’ve been carefully blended for taste appeal and vibrancy to add a contemporary addition to your decorating options. With no residual flavor of the plants they’re derived from, you’ll taste only authentic chocolate and white chocolate made with cocoa butter, cane sugar and real vanilla. Unlike conventional sprinkles that are sprayed with edible shellac ("confectioners glaze"), Ticings sprinkles have no wax or shellac coating. See our FAQs for specific information and details.