Ticket Chocolate is an innovative artisan chocolate company located in the picturesque foothills of northern California. Our flagship product is our award-winning Hot Chocolate on a Stick, crafted by hand from fine Belgian couverture chocolate combined with the very best spices, flavorings and inclusions. Offered in 18 different flavors our hot chocolate sticks are meant to be dunked, stirred and experienced!

Our Artisan S'mores Kits are crafted of the same fine couverture chocolate, hand-crafted marshmallows and our own freshly baked graham crackers, featuring  a variety of flavors including Classic, Dulce de Leche, Snickerdoodle, Peppermint, and Chocolate Lovers. It's the ultimate campfire treat for four, all grown up.

Our Artisan Chocolate Classic Bars are crafted by hand of Belgian couverture chocolate with a touch of sun-dried sea salt for a perfectly balanced flavor profile. Our specialty line of Beloved Bars is crafted with the same attention to quality and detail as our Classic Bars but with the added distinction that each flavor is a tribute to a food beloved to us: Mom's Apple Pie, Hazelnut Cherry Stuffing, Waffle Pecan, Grasshopper Pie and Roasted Chestnut.

In addition to our line of specialty couverture chocolate confections offered year round, we also create unique holiday treats available on a seasonal basis, corporate gifts, private label products and special event items.

At Ticket Chocolate, we send you, and the destination is delicious.