Tickle & Pink is a fashion and gifts boutique specialising in quirky, pretty things from all over the world. We stock a range of special gifts and accessories, from jewellery and soaps to sugar cubes and pyjamas. We have a particular love of one-of-a-kind rare items and limited editions.  We are always on the lookout for the next pretty thing.

Our products are sourced from all over the world - from Singapore and Japan, to Thailand, American and France. Some of our stuff comes from good old Blighty too - for all our cosmopolitan, globe-trotting yearnings, we dearly love England and Englishness - the strawberry teas and the trusty umbrellas, the toasted crumpets and the bonkers eccentrics for which our fair country is so well known. For many of our products, we are currently the sole distributor in the UK. Some of our items are produced by small family businesses or artisans, whilst others come from larger labels not yet well known in Britain.

We love stylish accessories, ethical fashion and llamas. Life is too short to be boring.