TicklerTags are an interchangeable system of backpack reminder tags for children's after school activities and transportation arrangements.  Each morning, parents simply attach an Activity Tag and a Transportation Tag to their child's backpack to remind them of the day's after school activity and who is going to get them home.  No more worries or tears about who is picking them up that day.  Children, parents and teachers love TicklerTags as a means to keep everyone informed.

Designed and developed by a busy mom with busy children, this tried and true system proved to be an immediate success with many other families as well.   TicklerTags accommodates readers and non-readers alike, by using simple and iconic images.

TicklerTags cover activities from sports to arts to church events.  Transportation tags cover everyone from mom to dad to simply riding the bus.  Plus, for families with separate households, TicklerTags offers "Mom's Place" and "Dad's Place" tags to help little ones know the day's arrangements.

Personalized and custom tags are also available for families that wish to include a special photo of family members, their favorite "Little Leaguer" or any other unique photo or message.

TickleTags are yet another option that parents can attach to their child's backpack to wish them well on the day's upcoming test or offer other words of encouragement.

TicklerTags have also made their way into school fund raising projects as a means to offer something new, practical and profitable for their students and parent-teacher organizations.

Until children are old enough to have their own cell phones, TicklerTags are a simple solution to a complex day.

To learn more or to place an order, visit www.TicklerTags.com.