Timberline Adventures’ (WWW.TimberTours.com) program for 2012 is a diverse collection of cycling and hiking adventures.  During our 30 years touring we have strived to incorporate invigorating exercise and picturesque scenery combined with pleasurable dining, and comfortable lodging.

This year we offer a weeklong companion program to the Pro Cycling Challenge in Colorado.   We will spend a piece of each day as spectators at all of the seven planned stages, but we'll also devote a significant part of everyday to cycling in the Rockies.  Also new this year is a tour of the historic Natchez Trace.

Timberline’s offers approx. 90 cycling and hiking tours that across North America.  The programs range from breath taking rides down the California coast to a visit to the Grand Canyon to tours ending in Washington D. C. via the Great Alleghany Passage.