Document Shredding Services - Certified Shredding
TIME SHRED SERVICES is an New York and New Jersey paper shredding and paper recycling company. If you are researching shredding companies, call 855-85-SHRED for a free quote.
TIME SHRED SERVICES is the most secure, efficient, and cost effective plan for shredding a company's confidential information and other documents.
Our Paper Shredding Service
•     Document Shredding On Site
•     Certificate of Document Destruction
•     No Monthly Contract Required
•     Professional and Insured
•     Same Day & Next Day Service
TIME SHRED SERVICES’s  mobile shredding trucks shred up to 8,000 pounds of documents an hour, saving you time, and, more importantly, saving you money.

Our Mobile Paper Shredding Service enables us to shred at your location in order to eliminate chain of custody issues and gives you the assurance that your documents have been destroyed in compliance with all federal and state laws.
All of our clients receive a Certificates of Destruction, verifying the shredding of documents and providing you evidence of destruction and an legal audit trail.
TIME SHRED SERVICES is a locally owned and operated document destruction company serving New York and New Jersey. We provide State-of-the-Art on-site shredding technology. The shredding technology employed by TIME SHRED SERVICES reduces all manner of paper and documents to the smallest possible shred particles, providing our clients with maximum security.

Not all forms of shredding adequately destroys sensitive information. Inadequate shredding leaves your business, your clients, and your personal information at risk.  
Benefits of TIME SHRED SERVICES Onsite Shredding Services

Free lockable security containers
Your Security is our #1 priority.
Regularly scheduled or purges services, we come when you need us.
No need to spend time removing paper clips or staples,
You can witness the destruction of documents.
Our Employees are background-checked and bonded
Call today for a free quote, or ask how you can get free, secure bins delivered to your business or home