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Buying cheap flights to Islamabad is not a hard task; however, buying these tickets from a reliable source is the real challenge. There are many fraud companies that will take your money and cause more damage than profit.
United Kingdom, 12 April 2012 – Timestravel.com posted a lively blog about the city of Rawalpindi on the company’s personal blog.
Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan. It is one of those cities of Pakistan which gets a lot of tourists from all over the world. The city is lively and full of glamour. All the politicians and the celebrities of this county live there. It is the business hub and all the finance business is done over here.
If you need a relaxing time for your vacations this year then you must buy cheap flights to Islamabad. This city is very calm and quite but it comes to life at the night time. You will have a wonderful time at the national parks, zoos, hotels, restaurants, recreational facilities and adventure parks.
However, the tourists are attracted to the hill sides and mountain scenery. The picturesque view of this city is breath taking and the avid mountaineers are found climbing the mountains throughout the year. The mountains look lush green and they are rich with natural plantations. There are also birds of every kind on those mountains and the tourists love them a lot.
The historical architecture of the city is also a very important tourist attraction. Then there the Faisal Mosque, this mosque was built as a shrine for the great leader and Poet Allama Iqbal. He is the national poet of Pakistan, this great personality was also one of the right hand mans of Muhammad Ali Jinnah. The architecture of the mosque is the main attraction.
It is in a shape of a pyramid. The cool white stones on the outside and a serene calmness in the inside of the tomb makes in a dashing sight. This mosque is daily visited by the natives; however, tourists always come to this mosque and look around.
This city is also the center of all the politics of the country. All the important government offices are here. The national courts, the federal ministries, and all the diplomatic areas are here for the survey of the tourists. Plus they are open throughout the year and at all times.