My brother  and sister  both died prematurely from severe lead poisoning.

Their names were Leon and Lois Arney. I  was injured too, and it took me almost forty years to recover. My name is Timmy Lee, I am fifty. Our father had a home business manufacturing cast lead fishing lures.

When we were children, we were forced to work for years breathing lead fumes, and handling lead dust with our bare hands.  The lead was melted, and poured into molds onto fishhooks inside our house. The molded jigs, were scraped clean with a jackknife. The lead dust was black, and got all over the hands of whomever cleaned them.

This lead to Toxic Encephalopathy, or severe brain impairment for five members of our family. Our father, and his second wife became brutal in their treatment of us, and I ran away from home when I was twelve.  

I spent thirty years searching for salvation from the poison in my body, and in time I was close to overcoming my illness.

During my life the only thing that I was talented at was music, drama, and sales. Failure followed me whenever I tried other things. I had an excruciating time trying to make a living with my disabilities getting in the way. Getting an education was impossible.

Finally, I entered a two year faith based transitional housing program in 2008.  With the help of several counselors, I was a last triumphant over my afflictions.

Now I am free, and I want to give something back to the society that saved me. It was because of  the kindness of strangers, that I am well. I would like to tell the world about how America  really does take care of it's own, and to publicize the good work being done to help the poor and unfortunate.

I wrote my autobiography, and I include advice on ways that anyone can use to face tragedy like I did, and win out over it. With a woeful  story to tell, I recount year by year my sometimes heartbreaking journey. It ranges from childhood through  middle age, where I succeeded in my recovery with the help of others.

With  gratitude and fondness for the world, I bring to life my true story of triumph over adversity.  I offer my pledge to work for social justice by inspiring others in any way that I can.  I can volunteer and speak out publicly and perform my original music including the song "The Survivor" (is my name).  With the desire to help others through good works and public awareness, and in the hope of  contributing to a better world, I present  my humble story.
THE DIARY OF TIMMY LEE: A True Story of Child Slavery in America.