As an author, I've written a 3500 word article called Compelled to Deepen Spiritual Awareness and Generate Inspirational Politics, which richly covers the topics in the book I come here to lift up in the sight of many.

By using Scripture literally, we can take the road, which bridges us to the reality of the unseen world according to our faith and the continuity of our prayer. The degrees of faith in God while praying affect our attitudes, words, actions, habits, characters, and the ultimate destinations we experience. How fervently we pray with certainty affects how directly God answers us and all things being possible, we can understand the solid reasoning, which bridges our awareness to the heavenly places hidden from the world. When we discover how God integrates His Word and unseen world into our chosen paths, we find others very near there with not quite the same function. We must definitively compare and contrast the unique combinations in our function with our associates' and friends' gifts and talents. They prioritize differently than we do, though many of our aims align with theirs. This opens the doors to our potential leadership and empathy in all our relationships, the company we keep, moving toward common destinations.

Even as individual victories in the group bear out independence, sector strength and its self-reliance lead to it instrumentally persuading the other societal sectors to attain self-sustainment. Will society ever achieve this productive mutual reliance? As the circumstances presently exist, reversing stresses sectors force among themselves compels us to question their ability to attain self-sustainment individually and positively reinforce the others. Creating connective, utterly self-supporting altruism strengthening communities to advance Nonprofit Theory removes the burden, the necessity for the public, businesses, and the government to remain the legs of Nonprofits for their daily functions. We have a healthy Gross Domestic Product as a nation. Regular businesses succeed, barely stay afloat, or fail, but the sector completely supports the United States, financially. The sectors resolving financial stresses imposed among each of them, anticipate exigent challenges of eliminating the national debt and placing rigid moratoriums on tax increases. So, rationale strongly suggesting how to modernize governmental income becomes a consideration we cannot ignore.

How often we pray and study the Word of God in earnest directly affects how deeply we understand how and what to compare and contrast with regard to the kingdom of God and earth.

In December, 2007, I rededicated my life to Christ.  Shortly after this, I had begun to recount the years in which I experienced pure spiritual warfare.  In the 1980s, I had asked God what He wanted from me.  At that time, I began writing and refining a long list of questions about society.  The deep thought I had gone through with these questions, I believe provoked evil attacks on me because of the victories, which are beginning to come to pass, now, in 2014.  I'm now in the process of writing articles about the book, which took several years to write in its travail.

A lot of studies and research went into preparing for the writing that followed my rededication to God.  Once I had begun to recount the spiritual warfare, I began to reconcile these difficulties a month after rededicating my life to Christ.  So the first part of my book I call:  God's Supernatural Way before Us.  The list of questions intimately involved Nonprofit Theory and the problems we face with our government's national debt and more... The Second part of my book I call:  Passionately Applying Spirituality to Life, to Nonprofit Theory, to Government, and to Our Projecting Faith.  You may go to my website, which includes a book preview and more about the book.  A Nation's Return to Grace is a poem on the homepage.  I wrote a lot of poems for the book, as well, mostly at the ends of chapters as an entertaining review of the chapter.  One appears at the close of Chapter 1, which ends the book preview.  The Foreword is important because another author wrote it.  You will find my book blog on the site, as well.  The website includes more concerning what I speak about in my book; I entitled it Discovering Secrets of the Prophets 1.1.  So please go to  Discovering Secrets of the Prophets dot com in your browser window, and do enjoy the reading.

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Timothy G. Cochran