The world needs a tool that helps us find authentic travel information, and actually put it to good use. This became especially apparent to us during a months long Trans Siberian railway journey a few years ago. We found ourselves surrounded by other like minded travelers who were also trying to navigate this completely foreign land. While traveling, we exchanged advice and travel tips, using suggestions from fellow travelers and local experts that we couldn’t have found in any guidebook we carried. Without this transference of knowledge, our trip wouldn’t have been the same. Having learned first hand how crucial these kinds of interactions are to our travel experiences, we set out to design something that could facilitate the same actions between an online community of smart travelers. We imagined having all of the information you could ever need in one place, and it would always be readily available in your pocket. So, we set out to create the best travel app out there, one that would be the last travel guide you’ll ever need.