Tiriq R. Callaway is a poet, author, and writer looking to build great connections with established writers and publishers. He is promoting his highly anticipated second book, Shine Through Our Shade, a poetry and prose book seeking to change the scope of how people value themselves. The author finds inspiration from his own experiences and social topics in the world, and uses them to create bodies of work for others to be motivated to take positive action within their own lives. Tiriq R. Callaway has a master's degree in social work, has self-published a memoir about his own life, and has been recognized by award winning journalist, Ashley M. Williams for his writing. The author also has a following of almost 10 thousand followers on Instagram (Instagram: @poetic__prowess) who are interested in what he has to say. For more about author Tiriq R. Callaway, go to his website, connect with him through social media, or send him a message via-email.