Titan Transformation is a comprehensive curriculum designed to transform the mind, body and lives of overweight men and women by helping them achieve astonishing, permanent weight loss and life transformations.  Through advanced mental training techniques, healthy nutrition, education & goal setting and comprehensive exercise regimens, our clients achieve permanent transformations by working from the inside out. Weight issues are just a symptom of a larger issue; we work to address the underlying causes of weight gain rather than just masking the symptoms through crash dieting or quick fixes.

The cornerstone of our program is our copyrighted system of Intake, Affirm & Train.  With our research based Intake module, our clients can confidently make the best choices to fuel their bodies and maintain consistent, healthy eating habits.  With over 504 daily, easy to follow meal plans (no counting calories or measuring food advised) our clients begin to build the right foundation for their long-term success.  Our Affirm module ensures our clients cultivate the right attititude and mental skills to help them perform their best in every aspect of their lives.  This is where the great challenge of turning thoughts, hopes, dreams and desires into concrete actions begins.  Mental skills, just like every other life skill, takes repetition, practice, and real-time application to develop.  By helping our clients identify and work through limiting beliefs they can break through the mental barriers that have kept them from becoming their best selves.  Recent published research by Harvard professor & TEDTalks moderator Amy Cuddy purports that “Our bodies change our minds…and our minds change our behavior…and our behavior changes our outcomes”.  Titan has long held this truth to be evident in our clients’ lives.  As such, our Train module guarantees that when our clients look in the mirror what they feel about themselves & what they see reflected back at them will continue to motivate and empower them to create new, positive outcomes for themselves.  Our intensive, closely monitored training regimen teaches our clients over 116 of the best physique transforming techniques known today.  The best part of the training module?  With their Transformation Specialist’s continual support, our clients’ learn how to appropriately train themselves, thereby learning the essential skills of creating desired outcomes through goal setting, goal mapping & self reliance.  Additionally, once they’ve enrolled, they have life-time access to the Titan Life Transformation Program.