Why Tivoli


Tivoli Lighting has 50 years of innovation and leadership in the manufacturing of low voltage linear lighting for architectural, and both theater delineating and theatrical verticals.  If the product doesn’t say Tivoli on it, more than likely it is a copy or imitation.

None of the imitators match the quality of our products and the experience of Tivoli. Trust in Tivoli and the Brand that surpasses all others.
Oscar Wilde once quoted “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness.”

Many of the standard products used by most major national branded theaters today are Tivoli.

Some of our innovations include but are not limited to:

• LED Step Light,
• Usher LED Wall lighting,
• The Beacon LED Seat Light, and
• Two-tone Bull nose

Solid Foundation

Tivoli’s dedication and long term interest in the movie theater industry is backed with experience and the financial strength of its ownership by two well-known multi million dollar lighting manufacturers.

During the last two decades, Tivoli has maintained market share in the movie theater industry and has grown sales in the commercial lighting market.

Product Selection

With centuries of combined experience, Tivoli’s knowledgeable sales team have prepared countless design guides, and step by step quoting processes  that make ordering Tivoli products convenient.

Project Quotations and Orders

Our inside sales staff provides accurate quotations, quickly, with all the required supportive documents, while utilizing new state-of-the-art electronic quoting systems.

Customer Service

Our dedicated customer service team is available for pre and post-sale support such as technical questions, commissioning, order status, and scheduling take-offs from your project blue prints.

Tivoli support has never been so strong and modern as it is today. You can submit questions, product support inquiries, and warranty support requests online at:  http://www.tivolilighting.com/contact-us.html

Click support in the lower right hand corner and submit your question or request and you will be assigned a support ticket by email for easy follow up.

Buy America

American made ingenuity using American labor are at the forefront of the industry and in the minds of the market, government, and industry.
Bringing jobs to America remains a primary focus of Tivoli management and staff.
Most of the extrusions, optics, power supplies, LED PCBs engineered into Tivoli Products fall into these three categories:

Engineered + Made in America*   50%
Engineered in America – Assembled in America* 30%
Private labeled for America*    20%

*Numbers are close estimates based on production records and purchasing information and may fluctuate based on sales.