Aik  Wan Kok at Tiya PLC represents companies, families and foreign nationals in the areas of immigration law including, but not limiting to, green card (employment- and family-based), temporary work permission, and immigration worksite compliance in the U.S.  With more than a decade of professional immigration law experience with excellent results, we are your best source of professional U.S. immigration law services at excellent prices. Ms. Kok has successfully represented corporate and defense contracting clients, and individuals with great success such as in green card and temporary work permission cases.

Tiya PLC uses state-of-the-art immigration management software to prepare and manage the immigration cases.

Ms. Kok has more than 10 years of professional immigration law experience.  Ms. Kok is an attorney at law licensed by the State Bar of California, and is authorized to practice U.S. immigration law from any states.  The California Bar Exam is known to be one of the hardest bar exam in the U.S.  Ms. Kok is a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA). Ms. Kok is also a non-practicing Barrister at Law in  England, and a member of Lincoln’s Inn in London. On various occasions, Ms. Kok has also provided legal contribution to immigration and other legal aid centers in the U.S. and legal aid centers abroad.   Prior to practicing law at Tiya PLC, Ms. Kok was an immigration professional for many years at international law firms and a prominent boutique immigration law firm.

Being a former immigration, an immigration professional and an immigration attorney, Ms. Kok has experienced immigration law from both the personal and professional levels. Ms. Kok evaluates the best immigration strategies to optimize the chances of success for each case and has done so very successfully

Admitted to the State Bar of California *Authorized to practice U.S. immigration law from any states *Member of AILA (American Immigration Law Association) *Non-practicing Barrister at Law in England (Member of Lincoln's Inn) +Tiya PLC is a State of Virginia registered immigration law practice