We host evenings of inspiring talks. Accomplished and up-and-coming speakers share their experience and vision . The talks are about reviving story-telling; they are about engaging a lively, young audience in a fun setting. After the talks there is Q&A with the floor.

We carefully assemble an original combination of three angles on a title and strive to include among the famous and distinguished at least one young speaker doing something ambitious.

The audience is intimate and does not exceed 100. More often than not, the speakers stick around and chat to the audience over a drink afterwards.

Our talks have three streams: current affairs, enterprise and the arts.  

The talks have much associated content, available through our website (www.tomaxtalks.com). We film the talks, take professional photos and Tom writes articles on his well-written blog.

They are a good way to meet people and a brilliant first date.

In the face of a difficult jobs market, we (Tom and Max) set the company up in July 2011 after university; we are 24 and 23 years old.