Amaan Zaidi, a prominent Indian businessman, is the founder and CEO of Growth Matee Corp., an Indian Edtech firm based in New Delhi, India.The company was founded in October 2021. Amaan belongs to a well-educated family and was a bright student during his school days. His journey has been a major inspiration for all aspiring entrepreneurs around the world. He was playing a significant role in the growth of India by providing upskilling opportunities to the country’s youth.

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The Indian education system today massively lacks the modern skill set and practical knowledge for modern businesses. Most of the things students learn today are outdated and do not match the requirements of employers. Growth Matee was initiated to bridge that gap and offer an easier chance to people who wish to upskill themselves and be industry-ready. Although Growth Matee initially started with just two courses—Graphic Design and Web Development—they have added more technical courses such as Financial Planning, Digital Marketing, Stock Market Manual, and many more. It was founded by three young minds who aim to change the Indian education space by offering modern skill-based courses at a highly affordable rate.

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Amaan Zaidi, a young man who is currently CEO and founder of Growth Matee, laid the foundation with a dream to upskill Indian youth and make them market-ready. He had a thing for entrepreneurship since his childhood and wanted to build something of his own. He had always been a creative and opportunistic child who believed that if life had given you an opportunity, the first and only step was to accept it and work for it. This idea made him so capable today that he is the CEO of one of India's leading startups.